What We Believe

Our faith is Bible-based, conservative and Evangelical.

As a Grace Baptist church, we abide by the 1689 London Confession, which can be seen by following this link: The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)

A more concise expression of our beliefs might be seen in the Doctrinal Basis of Faith of the Grace Baptist Mission, which we have adopted as the expression of our own convictions. This may be seen here: Doctrinal Basis – Grace Baptist Mission

The Bible doesn’t set out a concise summary of its teachings. However, it is useful to put together the many truths it does have for us and build them together, discovering a wonderful reasonableness, and spiritual insight.

To have life-giving truth about God, we need to look to the Bible rather than to self-appointed ‘experts.’ God’s Word brings us light, spiritual health, and godliness. The great need today is for clear doctrine that is anointed by the Holy Spirit, and presented with both humility and Biblical authority. This is our belief, and God’s Word is indeed a lamp for our feet, and a light for our path.