God’s Word institutes two offices within the local church: Pastors/Elders & Deacons


Pastors and elders are men called by God to serve the church primarily by devoting themselves to prayer and the teaching of God’s Word.

At this time, Providence is blessed to have one Pastor & one elder serving the church.

Jonathan StevensJONATHAN STEVENS | Senior Pastor

Jonathan Stevens has served at Providence since 1999, having previously ministered at Stifford Clays Baptist Church for over 5 years. He’s married to Christine, and they are proud of their children, Mark, Bekky and Caitlin. Jonathan lived in Wisbech for about 15 years, before studying at the London Theological Seminary (1985-87).

He’s committed to preaching that finds its heart in the Bible, and through the power of the Spirit, finds the hearts of those who listen.
You can reach Jonathan through the contact page.

Bill, Armstrong, Elder


Bill had to go all the way to Botswana to meet the Lord! In 1975, he committed his life to the Saviour after a Bible Study one evening. Working by day as a metallurgist, he served in the evenings by leading Bible Studies and holding responsible positions in the church.

Since coming to March we have appreciated Bill’s gifts and are delighted to have him serve as an Elder amongst us.

You can reach Bill through the contact page.


Deacons take on the various administrative concerns of the church in order to prevent elders getting distracted from their primary role of prayer and teaching God’s Word. They operate under the guidance of the pastors.

At this time, Providence is blessed to have 3 deacons serving the church.

Carole Butler Deaconess Church Secretary


Carole was brought up in Willesden, N.W. London, moving to Kensington when she married Bill. When Robert was born they bought a home in March. Three years later Cheryl was born. Carole became a Christian in 1969  – 3 years after her move to March.

A friend brought her to Providence and she has served here since the early ‘70’s. Carole is happy to serve as Church Secretary and she also teaches the kids at Trekkers & Sunday School.

You can reach Carole through the contact page.

Pam Geach Deaconess

PAM GEACH | Deaconess

Pam is an Essex girl, hailing from Chelmsford, having moved to March in 1972 – which seems like the distant past now! She came to know the Lord in 1988, originally coming to church because of a leaflet put through her door.

Pam has been married to Bryan since 1966 and they have four grown-up children – Paula, Tina, David and Richard. Pam serves as Church Treasurer.

You can reach Pam through the contact page.

Graham Pearce Deacon


Graham is from a background in accountancy, being a retired Chartered Accountant. Proud of his Welsh heritage, Graham came to March in April 2015, and now serves as a deacon.

Married to Carole, he is a proud father to both Matthew and Helen, and has four grandchildren. A keen sportsman, he can be found running in the West End Park most Saturday mornings!

You can reach Graham through the contact page.