Our History

Providence Baptist Church has been bearing witness to the glory of God in March for over 200 years. Started by Mr Bevill, preaching in his own house in 1808, a chapel was built later in Bevill’s Yard, it was sometimes known as Bevill’s Chapel.

Mr Bevill died in 1824 and was succeeded by Mr Felton that same year. At that time there was a membership of 45 members. In 1837, Mr Felton resigned and was succeeded by Mr Sprague, and then Mr Creasy. He was followed by Mr Forman  on 5th November 1848.

Soon after Mr Forman was settled in his ministry, notice was given on the rented accommodation of the church and new premises were prayerfully sought. The foundation of the current building was laid on 14th February 1849, the remarkable provision of the land at such a time of need prompting the new name of Providence, as it seemed obvious to all that God’s hand of providence was indeed at work.

Four years later the Sunday School hall was built, and the galleries were erected after three or four years. The building being enlarged in both May 1865 and 1873.

On October 1st, 1889, Mr B.J. Northfield was recognised as the new minister, and occupied the position for 50 years.

Mr Bishop ministered until his death in 1944, and Mr Gordon Bourne served until 1963. Mr Laver followed until January 1974, when he was succeeded by Ray Simons.

Mr Simons served for 23 years until December 1998.

Jonathan Stevens came in March 1999, and continues to this time.

In 2002, the Chapel underwent a refurbishment programme, to modernise and refresh the old building which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Ray Simons, Pastor (1975 – 1998)

We praise God for His continued blessing and providential care enabling the building to continue to be used to for the Glory of God over 200 years after the work was first started in 1808!