Our Vision

Welcome to Providence Baptist Church, March.  Our purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by enjoying His rich Grace in our lives, and by sharing with our town the message of mercy we have received.

He is worthy

God transforms from the inside out, first changing the heart and then leading us into His worship and the excitement of knowing Him throughout our lives. As His work in us is dynamic, so our response to Him leads us to share His Love and be a community where He is the centre.

Our town

Many have been drawn to our town seeking a new start, God invites people to a new life with Him. We are pleased to welcome all kinds of people to our town, and just as we see the town grow in variety and size, we know every newcomer has a story. God takes the old and He makes it into something new.

A new start

God sent Jesus to our world on a rescue mission. He came to call people to follow Him, being transformed into image-bearers of God and seeing their broken lives fixed.

Our desire

Responding to God’s Love, we are looking to see what He will do in the town, and we are passionate in our commitment to see light come into dark places.

Whatever you want

Whether you are looking for that new start yourself, or you have a burden to introduce Jesus to others in your community why not come along and get to know us? Probably the best start is the Sunday Morning service, sign the Visitors’ Book, so we can be sure to welcome you into a new home amongst us. Call Pastor Jonathan on 01354-654989 if you’d like to know more.